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Inmarsat SCADA Thuraya SVTS

Inmarsat BGAN & FleetBroadband

  • What is BGAN?
  • How does BGAN compare with competitor offerings?
  • Is Streaming IP data faster?
  • Registering with the Inmarsat Satellite Phone network Unsuccessful
  • Registration unsuccessful CME10 "The BGAN terminal cannot be enabled for services.
  • Poor signal strength on the satellite phone
  • Can't open an IP data connection
  • Inmarsat Fleet Broadband versus Maritime VSAT Comparison
  • BGAN 7 FB Terminal CME Error Code List
  • BGAN 7 FB Terminal CMS Error Code List

Inmarsat Fleet

  • What is Inmarsat Fleet F77?
  • What benefits will Inmarsat Fleet Marine Satellite service give me?
  • How fast is ISDN over Inmarsat Fleet F77 and Fleet 55?
  • How fast is MPDS over Inmarsat Fleet F77and F55?
  • What hardware do I need?
  • Does Fleet F77 meet all my GMDSS requirements?

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